Duo cosmetics


Size: L 9 x H 15 x G 4 cm
Outer material: polycotton
Inner reinforcement: 3mm foam
Inner material: 210T
Accessories: mesh pocket + elastic system
Zipper: nylon #3
Puller: customization
Logo: front plate with laser engraving – L 5 x H 1.5cm
Printing: cylinder machines
Label: 2C – 1 side – L 3 x H 1.5cm


Size: L 25 x H 25 x P 9cm
Outer material: polycotton
Inner reinforcement: carton 2000grs
Inner material: satin
Zipper: nylon #6
Puller: x2 – customization
Logo: patch sewn with embroidery – L 4.5 x H 1.5cm
Printing: cylinder machines
Label: 2C – 2 sides – L 2,5 x H 1cm
Coves: 2 polycotton layers + metal fastening system + silver rivets

Beach pouch

Pochette de plage
Size: L up 30 x L down 25 x H 18 x G bottom 5cm
Outer material: vinyl 5mm
Inner reinforcement: 2mm
Lining: 210T
Zipper: nylon #6
Printing: heat transfer
Handle strap: L 15cm x W 1cm – 2 layers – “D” buckle

Cosmetic pouch

Size: L up 34 x L down 20 x H 15 x P lateral 9cm
Outer material: PU red
Inner material: PU pink
Total thickness: 1.28mm
Zipper: nylon #5 bi-color (gold-silver)
Puller: metallic + laser engraving
Finishing: PU side patches with paint edge
Label: 1C – 1 side – W 5 x H 2cm

Small pouch

Petite Pochette
Size: L down 12.5 x H 8.5 x P bottom 4cm
Outer material: PU
Inner reinforcement: EVA 2mm
Lining: polycoton
Zipper: nylon #3 silver
Finishing: paint edge
Accessorization: x4 metal rivets

Make-up pouch

Pochette make-up
Size: L up 16 x L down 19 x H 13 x P bottom 2.5cm
Outer material: Cotton 200gsm
Inner reinforcement: 150gr non-woven
Lining: 190T
Zipper: Nylon #3
Puller: x1 Metallic
Printing: Silk screen – 2 sides
Finishing: zipper side bridges
Label: 1C – 1 face – L 6 x H 1.5cm

Evening pouch

Pochette de soirée
Size: L 8 x H 12cm
Outer material: PU with silver glitters
Zipper: nylon #3 – silver teeth
Puller: PU
Internal reinforcement: 0.2mm EVA + 150gsm non woven
Lining: polycotton grey

Mix pouch

Pochette Mix
Size: L up 19.5 x L down 20.5 x H 14cm
Outer material: PU rubber
Zipper: nylon #3
Puller: PU
Internal reinforcement: 250gsm non-woven
Lining: Polycotton white
Printing: Silk screen – 1 side

Illustrated hearts pouch

Pochette illustrée coeurs
Size: L 20 x x H 14cm x G bottom 4.5cm
Outer material: 10oz
Zipper: nylon #4
Puller: cotton
Lining: polycotton white
Printing: silk screen – 2 sides – 2 colors

TPU pouch

Pochette TPU
Outer material: 0.3mm
Finishing: welding
Zipper: TPU + “D” buckle
Puller: TPU – logo printing 1C
Outer printing: 3C – 1 side
Duo cosmetics
Beach pouch
Cosmetic pouch
Small pouch
Make-up pouch
Evening pouch
Mix pouch
Illustrated hearts pouch
TPU pouch